Why Is It Forbidden To Press The Elevator Button With Gloves?

- Jun 11, 2019-

Only for the elevator in the hospital and the corresponding requirements) should be due to hygienic reasons, say a little higher is called "nosocomial infection control", abbreviated as "nosocomial feeling" requirements.

When talking about "wearing gloves" in hospitals, it is naturally the medical staff, and the occasions requiring medical staff to wear gloves are basically direct contact or possible contact with patients'body fluids, secretions, excreta, etc., such as doctor's operation, nurse's assisting bedridden patients to defecate, nurse's blood collection, etc. or when dealing with medical waste, such as pathologists dealing with slice specimens, cleaners dealing with used yarn. Cloth, etc.

That is to say, both hands in gloves are exposed to or are likely to be exposed to various pollutants. Imagine that people will go to the table without washing their hands after cooking dinner?

According to the WHO Hand Hygiene Principle, the hospital rules basically require that hands be washed with soapy water after the operation of wearing gloves.

Now that the medical worker has entered the elevator to press the elevator button, and he/she has obviously completed the previous operation, he/she must take off his gloves and wash her hands to continue the follow-up work according to the hospital feeling.

Of course, there are also cases where you walk into the elevator but you still haven't finished the work at hand, such as transporting patients. At this point, you should take off your gloves or press a button on a relatively clean part, such as your elbow.

There are also regulations like elevator buttons in hospitals that prohibit wearing work clothes (commonly known as white coats) into canteens, prohibit wearing work clothes out of hospitals into and out of public places, and prohibit washing clothes for operating rooms from wearing out of operating rooms, etc. These may seem strange to non-medical workers to prevent and reduce iatrogenic (caused by hospital staff) cross-infection in hospitals.

PS, after answering the question, I suddenly remembered that the reason for this problem was related to the wording of the notice. As a doctor, when I saw the gloves in the hospital being discussed, my first instinct was medical rubber or plastic gloves. But I think for most non-medical people, maybe the first thing you think about is medical rubber or plastic gloves. Gloves for daily use, such as wool, leather, etc.

This notice must also be posted to hospital staff from the standpoint of medical workers. The "gloves" mentioned here default to medical gloves, which naturally should be managed according to the hospital sense principle. If patients or family members come to the hospital in winter wearing wool gloves bought by themselves, of course, they can wear gloves and press the elevator button.

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