What's The Function Of Headband? How About Headband

- May 23, 2020-

There are always people wearing headbands on the street, which looks fashionable. What's the function of headbands? Let's take a look at the functions of headband.

Operation method


Prevent hair disorder

You can see for yourself that many people wearing headbands are running or playing ball, which can prevent hair disorder, especially if they have bangs or short hair. Wearing headbands can tidy up the hair in front of their forehead.02

Cold proof

For example, you sweat when you run? Regardless of spring, summer, autumn and winter, once sweat blows a little wind on the forehead to save grace and laurel, and the headband directly protects the forehead from being cold.


Eye protection

In sports, there must be sweating. After wearing the headband, the sweat on the head will be directly blocked by the headband, so as to prevent the sweat on the head from flowing into the eyes.



Headband also has a function of decoration. Many girls use headband to dress themselves. The whole person looks fashionable.