What Is The Material Of Ski Gloves?

- Jul 13, 2019-

Skiing gloves, also known as skiing sports gloves, are mainly used in field exploration and ski resort sports, different from the daily wear of skiing in the cold snow, so the protection requirements of gloves are very high. Not only should it be warm, cold-proof and breathable, but it should also be soft, wear-resistant and cut-proof. Today, Xiaobian will introduce some ski gloves in different parts of the fabric. If you want to buy ski gloves, you can understand its fabric composition.

What is the material of ski gloves?

I. Fabrics for Ski Gloves

The main fabrics of ski gloves are made of these materials:

(1) High Density Chunya Textile

(2) Oxford cloth

(3) Nylon Plaid

(4) Transverse Tasilon;

(5) High-grade PU

Classification of ski gloves palm material:

(1) Elastic towel cloth with anti-slip drop plastic

(2) Antiskid leather

(3) Soft and velvet

Skiing is easy to get on gloves when skiing, so the outer material of gloves must be waterproof. Ski gloves are generally made of natural leather and synthetic materials. The textile fabrics used should be treated with waterproof and breathable layers. If necessary, ski gloves should be waterproof. Warm, labor and decorative gloves.

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