Western Style Cloak

- Jan 01, 2019-

Modern and foreign "cloak" (also known as "cloak") type: This type of "cloak" character has been found in ancient Egyptian relief statues 5,000 years ago. This type of "cloak" has long been popular in the Mediterranean region and flourished in Europe around the 11th century.

Modern times, the cloak is often mistaken as a cloak. Women wear fashionable clothes, except for the summer season, which are worn in spring, autumn and winter. On the material, there are single, clip, cotton, and leather. Sewed with satin, the color is fashionable with green, and there are also red, pink, coffee and gray. More than 30 years old are generally wearing dark colors, some are thick black, to show stability and dignity. The length is usually at the knees and the winter is slightly longer. The "cloak" is smashed with buttons or straps, but it is often not used when wearing it. When it is open, when walking, it is generally used to grasp the placket with both hands to show the style and grace. For women and children, there are many embroidered patterns, and men are generally prime.