Various Styles Of Cloak

- Dec 14, 2018-

That is, "cloak". Standing collar, confrontation, long and sturdy. The collar is snoring and small. When wearing, the collar is tied with a short strap. The lower part of the collar is loose without buttons. Therefore, the upper part is small and large, and the shape is like a bell. Therefore, it is also called "a bell", which is added for the wind and cold. Outerwear, mostly used for character walks and nights. Equipped with a hood, it is a single piece that is not connected to the cloak. It is used by both men and women, and there are two types of flowers and vegetarians. Male characters have yellow, red, black and other colors, embroidered crepe or bird clouds. The female characters are more colored, embroidered with peony peony or flowers and birds, and the bright yellow is dedicated to the emperor. There is also a white embroidered bamboo leaf, which is dedicated to Guanyin.