Some Warm And Trendy Designs For Warm Winter Ski Gloves

- Nov 25, 2019-

Winter warm gloves are common in our lives, and have a very good warmth effect, which is very popular among consumers. Today, we will briefly introduce the design of winter warm gloves, and interested friends can come and understand.

The pattern of winter warm gloves is mostly designed as geometric figures, and diamond patterns are more common. However, as people's requirements for the decorativeness of gloves are getting higher and higher, its patterns are more abundant, and various cartoon characters, five-pointed stars, flowers, stripes and other patterns are very popular. The winter warm gloves pattern produced by our company can also be customized according to the needs of users, which can meet the needs of users to a greater extent. Classified by material: gloves are divided into cotton yarn, plush, leather, microfiber, cloth, rubber, etc.

2, according to the production method classification: gloves according to the production method is divided into sewing, knitting, dipping and so on. Gloves are cut from a variety of leather, rubber, knitwear or woven fabrics. Knitted gloves are made of purely or blended yarns of various textile fibers, woven on a glove machine, and sewn, such as in the folder, grommets, fingertips and finger knuckles, etc., then brushed or fluffed, heat set Finished into products.

3, according to the shape of the finger classification: gloves according to the shape of the finger can be divided into finger gloves, mittens, three-finger gloves, fingerless gloves, etc., winter warm gloves manufacturers tell you the less the separate fingers, the insulation effect on the fingers The better, but at the same time limit the activity of the hand, in addition to the decoration of the half finger and the fingerless gloves, the finger flexibility of the score finger glove is also increased. 1. The soft and warm super long fiber Angora rabbit fur glove is beautiful and romantic. The layered lotus leaf shape emphasizes the romantic, feminine and delicate texture, and is a practical and excellent style.

2, two-finger wool gloves, fresh and clean color and warm long-term design, whether used as a warm accessories; or with short-sleeved, three-sleeve tops as a fashion accessory is suitable!

3, the shape is eye-catching and there are half-finger gloves. It is a must-have item for winter warmth, and the half-finger design adds flexibility to both hands. It is suitable for wearing in the winter when operating a camera, a mobile phone, or a long-time use of both hands. Skiing equipment refers to a kind of labor insurance and protective equipment provided by workers in the process of production to avoid or mitigate accidents or occupational hazards. It must be equipped during operation.

Some ski gloves are cleaned after use, but some gloves may fade during the cleaning process. How to prevent this phenomenon, labor insurance gloves manufacturers teach you two ways.