Ski Gloves Have Great Effect

- May 17, 2020-

As the name implies, ski gloves are gloves worn during skiing. It is undoubtedly necessary to protect against cold and warm in the snow-covered environment. But ski gloves are not only enough to keep warm, because of their specific use, they must have corresponding functions. So how to choose ski gloves can be considered from the following five points.


1. Fabric quality

Of course, the quality of the fabric is the first element in the selection of ski gloves. After all, ski wrestling and bumping are inevitable. Therefore, when we choose ski gloves, we must put the quality of the fabric first, personal safety is the most important. Only when you are healthy and safe can you enjoy the fun of skiing, so the fabric must have good resistance to cutting, abrasion and tearing. If the fabric used in the glove is not strong enough, it will be easily damaged, resulting in injury to our hands. In professional ski gloves, even Kevlar material used in body armor is used as the main protective fabric, which is very strong and safe. Remember that when choosing ski gloves, the quality of the fabric should be ranked first.

2. Waterproof fabric

Ski gloves must be waterproof when used outdoors. It is well known that snow is made from water, because gloves must be waterproof. Avoid cold air and snow contact with your hands, and use leather, rubber or chemical fiber materials as the outer fabric, which is guaranteed for cold and warm protection. Gloves made of cotton, wool, fluff and other materials are easy to stick to snow, which makes the inside and outside of the gloves very humid and cold quickly, and may even cause fingers to be frostbite. Compared to these two, freehand skiing is better than wool gloves. Fleece and wool gloves are used for skiing and have a negative effect.


3. Keep warm and breathable

As mentioned earlier, keeping warm as ski gloves is a basic requirement. The sport of skiing takes place in a low-temperature environment. Only warm hands can enjoy the joy of sports. With cold hands, I believe that everyone will definitely not be happy with skiing, so choose warm and warm gloves. The breathability of another ski glove is also very important. Exercise will inevitably produce sweat. If sweat from hand movements cannot be evaporated in time, the inside of the glove will not be comfortable with moisture, and the decrease in exercise will produce a cold feeling. If your hands often sweat and are not breathable, they will easily produce an unpleasant smell, which is really unbearable.

4. Split finger gloves (required for sliding double board)

The sliding double board needs to use finger-pointing gloves, so as to ensure flexible finger operation, can easily go up and down the cable car, pull the zipper in the snow, take things, adjust the snow board, sled, etc. When choosing, the size should be appropriate, and the thickness should also be moderate. Some ski double-board gloves are purposely made into a shape where the fingers naturally bend. This intimate body design can make skiers wear more natural and comfortable. It is better if the glove has a longer wrist or a design with a wrist support structure, which can prevent the wrestler from contusion.


5. Anti-skid performance

The anti-skid performance of ski gloves is a must, so that we can be firm and reliable when gripping. The palm of the finger must be non-slip, which is more convenient when holding snowball fights, snowboards, tows, cable cars, etc.