Shawl Storage

- Dec 02, 2018-

If you can use the shawl without using hot, you can use it directly. I believe that the frequency of use will be greatly increased. Here, I will introduce you to four collection methods that are not easy to produce creases and are easy to find and do not occupy space. Try it out according to your actual needs.

(1) The hangers for hanging suit pants can be used to fold the silk scarves into a state that can be used immediately, and are fixed by clips, which is very convenient to take.

(2) Using a small collection drawer made of cardboard, you can choose a product with a width of about 30cm, and fold the 1/4 of the scarf into a folded piece.

(3) Hang a number of folded shawls on the hangers and fix them with clothespins. If the clothespins leave marks on the silk scarves, thick paper can be sandwiched between the clips and the scarves.

(4) Fold the shawl into a 1/4 size and place it in a folder with multiple layers of inner layers. When you store the folder, you will not have creases and it will be clear at a glance.

Shawl Collection Method---Wrap the hanging spikes with aluminum foil paper: When the shawls are taken out of the closet every winter and winter, is it often that the hanging spikes are bent and folded, and how can the ironing be eliminated?

It is recommended that you keep the hanging ears in a long-term collection and wrap them in aluminum foil. Scarf Collection Method---Wrap it with tissue paper to prevent aliasing: After combing the hanging ear portion, fold it to the inside and carefully wrap the scarf with a well-ventilated tissue paper to prevent the hanging spikes from knotting. Anti-mildew, otherwise, when you use it in the second year, you can see the unrecognizable shawl, and regret it is too late.