Scarf With Various Surround Methods

- Feb 12, 2020-

When using scarf, everyone should choose according to personal temperament, skin color, fat and thin, body, shoulder width, clothing and other aspects, so as to achieve the girdling effect of developing strengths and avoiding weaknesses, and being beautiful and generous.

On the whole, it should be determined according to the clothing. According to the fashion style, it's better to wear a scarf with traditional pattern when wearing serious clothes, and a scarf with modern pattern when wearing fashionable clothes. However, people with quiet temperament should choose elegant scarves with small patterns; those with lively personality should choose scarves with large patterns.

Second, the skin color is white, with light blue, light wheat red, apple green, lemon yellow, choose scarf with strong color carefully. If the skin color is not white, Brazilian yellow, Dark Beige, dark iron gray, etc. should be selected, and light tone should be used with caution. Women with yellow skin color should avoid purple and yellow, choose the scarf of milk white, lake blue and medium green to make their face white and clean against the scarf.

Third, if the body shape is moderate, the neck is long and the skin color is lovely, you should wear colorful scarves, such as peach, lake blue, bright yellow, rose red, etc.; on the pattern, you can choose large flowers, wide lattice, scattered pattern, or combination of abstract color blocks. Such scarves make people look more energetic, wise and capable. For the slim young women, they choose orange, lemon yellow and fruit green with tension to play an eye-catching role in the crowd. If the body is a little plump and the neck is not long, it is suitable to wear a scarf with soft color and small flower shape when wearing a collarless sweater; when wearing a high collar sweater, it is not equipped with a small square scarf, but with a long scarf down to the chest. Do not choose too bright color, but low purity of purple, dark sapphire blue, dark green, brown and so on. For people with long and flat chest, they should choose some scarves with large pattern and soft texture. It's better to hang the front chest symmetrically, which can make the chest appear plump and reflect the beauty of outgoing line.

Fourth, if the face of a woman is fat and thin, you can choose a scarf with thin stripes or small patterns, and avoid large patterns. The color can be dark green, dark blue, black, brown, purple, etc. If you are fat and have a large bust, you should choose a dark or monochrome loose knit scarf or silk scarf with simple peach blossom design. Thin people should use simple, simple and elegant scarves with straight patterns.

5. For people with wide shoulders, it's better to choose a scarf with a straight pattern. For those who slip shoulders, it's better to use a long scarf. When using the scarf, pay attention to the fact that both ends of the scarf are draped over the shoulder and hang up to the back. Visually, the shoulder can appear symmetrical and fall down

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Step1: it's going to be around the neck, and the one on the right is on it.

Step2: pass the right end through the middle gap

Step 3: thread this section back through the gap, leaving some overlap.

Special note: if the scarf is long, lengthen the tongue. This kind of play is more suitable for lively and lovely people!

French knot

Step 2: put the scarf on the right side around the scarf on the left side, and then pass it through the gap

Step 3: take the scarf out of the gap

Special reminder: this knot gives a heavy feeling, suitable for tall and big boys (girls are OK too! )

Asymmetric junction

Step 2: take the scarf out of the gap

Special reminder: this knot gives people the feeling of rebellious and uninhibited. If you think it's cool enough, you can try it

Equilibrium junction

Step 2: wrap the scarf at the front around the back of the neck

Step 3: pass the scarf around the back through the gap in the direction of the arrow

Tie tie

Step 2: after winding, put the scarf through the gap

Step 3: take the scarf out of the gap

Special reminder: it's similar to tie, but the knot will appear bloated, with a thinner scarf.

Little bow

Step2: adjust the tied knot to the front and back direction, and then make another knot

Special reminder: this knot is also very easy to play, and it feels very generous. It's not like a big character who said "I love you, I love you"?.

Big bow

Step 2: fold and overlap the scarf on the right

Step 3: put the overlapping scarf under the left section, and wrap the left scarf around the other section in the direction of the arrow

Step 4: just tighten the knot

Special note: this method can also be used on silk scarves

Lightness knot

Step2: cross knot the left and right scarves