Knitted Hat Even If You Don’t Know How To Divide, You Still Have To Wear It

- Sep 02, 2020-

In the cold and windy winter, hats should be a must for many people to go out on the street, keep warm and keep the wind away, not to be messy in the cold weather, not just practical, a good hat can also add beauty to the shape.

There are also many hats to choose from, such as baseball caps that are suitable for all seasons, gentlemen's top hats, and literary and elegant fisherman hats.····

However, if you want to ask about the most suitable hat with the "silver dress", I am afraid you have to wear a knitted hat.

Different from the formal tradition of top hats, the fisherman hats are difficult to control, the baseball caps are commonplace, and the warm texture of knitted hats, combined with the thick clothing of autumn and winter, is an absolutely complementary combination.

But when it comes to knitted hats, everyone knows that this is just a general term. What kind of cold hats, sailor hats, deck hats, etc., are also stupidly unclear.

The cold hat is the most classic knitted hat with a pointed crown. Although it is not too pointed, it will leave a part of the space on the top of the head after wearing it, so it looks longer and taller.

The sailor hat is the Miki Hat, which has become more popular in recent years. It actually refers to the same flat round hat without a brim. It fits the head better and has canvas, tannin, and Common knitted wool in winter.

Of course, in Ye Zi’s opinion, the friends don’t have to remember so clearly. You only need to remember the two characteristics of "high spire" and "flat dome". It is also how you choose a knitted hat that suits your face. The key is to learn how to match them "excitingly".