It's Practical And Warm To Wear Knitted Scarf In Winter, And It's More Eye-catching To Choose Red Tie

- Feb 12, 2020-

It's practical and warm to wear knitted scarf in winter. Red is more attractive! In this cold winter, to keep warm and beautiful, let's take a look at the following styles of knitted scarves!

Art knitted scarf

Women are really smart. They can weave wool into different styles of clothes, scarves and hats. Today, I'd like to introduce the scarves made of wool. The ever-changing styles are really as beautiful as flowers.

With wool can be woven into red flowers, or make a shape, so that in the indoor both beautiful, look and warm, different colors can match different clothes, very suitable for white-collar workers or civil servants.

Practical knitted scarf

Because of the different color saturation, the classification of red is also different. For example, red is divided into pink, watermelon red, wine red, jujube red, Chinese red and so on. The most common is the following six colors.

Red scarf and white bottoms match, really good youth yo! Pink is more suitable for girls with fair skin, sweet and young girls with white bottoms, and more lovely when the color of scarves and hats are unified; or the color of Chinese red is more suitable for girls with darker skin color, and the latter two colors of white knitwear can form color to brighten the skin color.

Red scarf and black clothes also wear unexpected effect! Bright pink is more suitable for people with fair skin. After wearing a black leather coat, the dull black color will be broken instantly and become bright. Or wearing a black bottom coat and a red scarf, this kind of matching is more suitable for girls with dark skin. This kind of effect is not only white but also red, which is extremely eye-catching. The color of rose red is not easy for people with fair skin to try, because the matching is not good Easy to yellow skin, choose wine red scarf is not the choice to wear, white skin is mature and stable.

Correct matching of knitted scarf

Red scarf with black coat, such color matching can make people with white skin whiter, and people with dark yellow skin brighten their skin color. People in life often wear black or white, gray, solid color clothes on their bodies without a bit of vitality. It's different to choose a red scarf in the cold winter. The whole person becomes enthusiastic and eye-catching in an instant to break the dull black, which is the charm of red knitted scarf.

Red knitted scarf with black single has vitality. After changing into white single, the whole person looks new. The color matching of red and white is aging and white. This effect is what many girls want. Of course, if you wear white knitted skirt and red knitted scarf, the effect is different. The temperament is gentle and feminine at the same time.

When lovers wear scarves, one wears gray and the other red. Who is more eye-catching? The answer is clear at a glance. Of course, the choice of scarf color is based on your favorite, because pink is a very young girl, but not everyone is suitable. Chinese red is very festive and too stereotyped. It's also a good choice to choose a dark red scarf, which depends on your skin color or age to choose the color in the red system, so as to make your eyes bright.