How To Wear Sports Headband

- May 23, 2020-

First, support the prepared headband to a maximum arc and then put it around your neck. Then, after finishing your short hair, slowly stroke the headband up to your forehead and adjust it to the most comfortable and suitable position for your face. However, make sure that the top hair can be fluffy and upright. If the top hair is flattened due to the headband, it is necessary to Until the adjustment is correct. If you buy a wide headband, you can consider putting the ears in it. If you buy a narrow headband, it's better to show the ears.

In fact, the wearing position of sports headband is also adjusted with the length of hair. If you are a short hair style without bangs, you can choose to move your head back a little, so that the overall feeling will be more spiritual and energetic; but if you are a short hair style with bangs, you can choose to take it on the forehead a little lower from the hairline. This way of wearing is full of fashion charm, adding a touch of fashion while exercising.