How To Hold Up A Soft Hat

- Aug 28, 2019-

Hats of different materials should be made in different ways. If straw hats become soft, they can be immersed in cold water, put aside for a while, then pull them out and dry them. Baseball caps can be pinched into spheres with newspapers and put into caps for more than 24 hours.

Straw hat material is relatively special, the general straw hat eaves are relatively wide. Be careful not to break the straw line when cleaning this kind of hat. If the straw hat becomes soft and collapsed, just soak it in water and then prop it up to dry. It's very simple.

But if it is a cloth hat, it will be treated differently in different situations.

First of all, baseball caps, if there is a brace, can be braced with a hat, if not, can be replaced by newspapers.

Take a sufficient number of newspapers and knead them into a ball. Then put them in a hat for more than 24 hours, and wait for the hat to return to its original shape.

If it is a beret, the cloth of this kind of hat is usually soft. You can fill the plastic bag with hot water, and then put the plastic bag with hot water in the hat. Pay attention to hanging it, don't spill the water, just put it in one night.

If the cap becomes soft and collapsed, it will recover very well, and it will not delay the overall shape.

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