How To Choose A Knitted Hat?

- Sep 02, 2020-

The first is the sailor hat.

Sailor hat, it can be said that it is the most suitable hat for Asians, not only in knitted hats.

It has a flat top and does not bulge, and fits the head. Relatively speaking, it will not jump off. It is almost impossible to roll over without a hat. It is suitable for most face shapes.

Moreover, it is also one of the few hats suitable for people with larger heads. Compared with those with brimmed hats, the sailor hat will not add extra weight to your head, so you can rest assured.

But if you have a round face, you should pay attention. Wearing it is likely to make your face and head look more rounded.

If you mind this, you may be more interested in cold hats.

The cold hat is a good fortune for people with round faces. The bulge of the crown of the hat can lengthen the contours of your face, and it will not look too round.

In addition, the face is thinner, and the cheekbones are very clear and neat. Generally speaking, such a face is naturally suitable for wearing various hats, but the leaves here are more recommended for you to choose cold hats, especially thick knitting Style.

Any thick-knit single product has a thick and warm style effect, and as a hat worn, it will make your face more delicate and gentle, and ease your own too cold and sharp image feeling.

Also, no matter what the face shape, some people are born with a high and convex forehead

If you want to use the hat to hide this, compared with the brim hat, the cold hat without brim and the sailor hat are actually more suitable for you.

No matter which model, there is a design of brim and curling in the knitted hat. This structure can well occupy a part of the raised forehead, and because of its highlight, the contrast can make your facial features The vision is more delicate and delicate.

Knitted hat, "catalyzed" autumn and winter style

Leaf has always been in diss knitting items before. I think this fabric is low-key and not outstanding. It is easy to be mediocre when worn as a clothing. If it can be replaced with a hat, it has a completely different effect.

In today's situation where everyone is wearing more and more the same, a proper knitted hat can undoubtedly serve as a "catalyst" for autumn and winter styles, breaking this balance and generating a different style response.

For example, many men don't dare to try colored and bright single products, at least for clothes, so you don't have to be so "cautious" when it comes to hats, especially knitted hats.

Because of its low-key nature, knitted fabrics also have outstanding "real wear", that is to say, wearing on the head, even if it is difficult to hold in the past, there is not much so-called at this time.

The bright color hat is also easy to form a clear color difference level with the clothing, which not only highlights the completion of Look, but also brightens the overall color sense by the color of the head, especially those who love to wear black and gray clothes in autumn and winter. The handsome man will not become dull and boring.

You can also have a "match" with the hat style on the color of the inner outfit.

Although the contrast effect here is weak, the hierarchical connection between the hat and the body shape will be stronger, and it will also make people unable to help but look at it.

If you really don't want to wear colored hats, don't give up knitted hats, because you can also have an "integrated" look, that is, the color of the hat and the clothes are exactly the same.

To be honest, wearing the same color like All Black has long been commonplace. There is nothing unusual. It is precisely because of this that when you add a top hat, you will find that Look will be more attractive than ordinary All Black.

In addition to the black structure of the hat of the same color, the wool of the hat tends to form a different texture contrast with the material of the clothing, making your All Black styling content more delicate and rich.

In the same way, this can be expressed in other colors, such as blue.

Or, you can do the opposite. If the color of your clothes is very conspicuous, add a dark knitted hat to it, which can play the role of layering, neutralizing the abruptness of the color and reducing it. The difficulty of driving.

When it comes to the "pressing" effect of knitted hats, in fact, this is also an outstanding advantage in autumn and winter collocation.

For example, when you try those oversize oversize coats, if you are worried about not being able to support it, you might as well add an extra knitted hat on it. You will also easily find that the difference between a hat and no hat is huge.

The knitted hat has no brim and wraps your head more. It acts as a "stabilizer", so that the clothes you jump off can be stabilized, allowing you to gain more style and space.

In terms of specific collocations, those who take the gentle dress route must not think that knitted hats are not for you.

The suit + knitted hat, Ye Zi personally thinks is the most "mix and match" combination.

Although it does not look as young and rebellious as a baseball cap, the thick and warm knitted fabric and the exquisite elegance of the suit are also very contrasting. The embellishment of the hat makes your suit wind no longer as rigid as "armor". The gentleman with full aura has a kind of soft and casual charm, even more charming.

In the long coat, the coat is a better choice to match the knitted hat than the windbreaker, because the material texture of most coats is closer to the hat, and the warm texture effect will be fuller than the windbreaker.

Knitted hats and leather jackets are also highly recommended.

Just like the suit mentioned above, the knitted texture is rough, and the leather jacket is smooth and shiny. The two are also a combination of strong sense of mix and match, and with the suppression of the knitted hat, it can also calm the wildness of the leather jacket. The breath is no longer blindly rebellious rock, but a combination of movement and static, with a touch of art.

Finally, it is exclusive to a military uniform enthusiast.

We all know that because of the problem of the version of the fabric, the military uniform style tends to look too old, too rigid, that is, there is no sense of exquisiteness, so adding a knitted hat here is definitely a surprise.

Not only can it balance such a dirty and masculine taste, it can enhance the level of sophistication, and it will not erode your half-retro style. On the contrary, it will understand your retro feelings better if it is knitted.