How Do I Wash Cashmere Scarves? Let Me Tell You How To Wash Cashmere Scarves

- Jun 11, 2019-

Cashmere scarf, the fashion darling of star coffee, has become one of many MM's indispensable items in autumn and winter. Fashion warmth is not wrong. Whether it's street shooting or a sweet date, a beautiful cashmere scarf will make you look different!

As the most common cashmere scarf, how should we clean it?

How do I wash cashmere scarves? There are seven steps.

1. The water temperature is about 35 C. It's OK if it's not cold or hot.

2. Add proper amount of shampoo (cashmere lotion is better), mix well in warm water, then put cashmere scarf, soak for about 15 minutes.

3. Gently squeeze (don't rub) the cashmere scarf for 2-5 minutes until it is thoroughly cleaned. (It is suggested that a few drops of vinegar should be added to the water at last to make the cashmere scarf feel better.)

4. Use the edge of the basin to squeeze out the excess moisture in the cashmere scarf.

5,1) First spread a bath towel flat, cashmere scarf flat on the bath towel, then roll up the bath towel, squeeze slightly, promote the water absorption of cashmere scarf fully.

2) Cashmere scarves can also be packed into cloth bags and put into the washing machine to dry.

6. Place it in a cool and ventilated place and air it flat (do not hang it or expose it to the sun)

7. After drying, iron flat with medium temperature steam (iron should not touch cashmere scarf directly)

How do I wash cashmere scarves? In a word, add appropriate shampoo to warm water, put cashmere scarf in soak, press and clean, then wrap up with bath towel, roll up and dehydrate, put it in a cool place, spread it flat and dry, and finally iron it flat.

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