Finely Identify Cashmere Shawls

- Feb 06, 2019-

According to the label, the authenticity of the cashmere shawl and the need for its own needs are checked, and the conformity of the label content is checked to further distinguish the quality of the scarf. For example, whether the actual size is consistent with the label, whether the fiber component matches the label, and the like. It is quite difficult for ordinary consumers to identify fiber components, but as long as the basic methods are mastered, it is also possible to avoid obvious discrepancies. First, you can take a little fiber to burn. If you have the smell of burning hair and the ash is crispy and crushable, it can be regarded as animal hair. As for which hair and the mark are consistent, you can refer to the characteristics of various sweaters introduced above. If it is considered that there is a problem and cannot be confirmed, it can only be sent to a professional inspection agency for identification. In particular, pay attention to the situation of frequent refilling, one is to mix the pure wool, the other is the fine wool or the flakes to fill the cashmere, the third is the nylon for the mohair, and the fourth is to remove the scales and the alpaca. and many more.