Do You Know? Gloves Are Also Divided Into Style!

- Feb 24, 2020-

It's cold and many students want to use scarves, gloves and hats. I have already talked about the matching of scarves and hats, so how to choose gloves? I keep saying: It's not the clothing that determines the style, but the accessories. Shoes, bags, accessories, etc. strongly influence your style. As a kind of accessories, the same is true. Let's take a look at the style attributes of common gloves on the market.

[Leather Gloves] Keywords: mature, temperament, aura, dignified, formal, British lady

Although leather gloves are mature, they can also enhance the overall texture. You are wearing the same woolen coat, and wearing leather gloves looks more dignified and more stable than knitted gloves. Generally speaking, leather gloves are more suitable for woolen coats, trench coats, suits and other jackets that look more stable, and are not suitable for casual jackets such as parkas and ski wear. Young girls wearing leather gloves can add elegance, especially suitable for matching coats on the way to work or on the road.

[Finger finger knitting gloves] Keywords: casual, casual, gentle, wild

Pointed knit gloves should be the most popular style. Because it is convenient and versatile.

It is really versatile. Knitted gloves are not like leather gloves. They can be equipped with woolen coats, trench coats, and suits, but with casual ski suits and large cotton coats, they will feel out of place. Knitted gloves can be fitted with either casual or formal wear. Even if you are wearing a suit uniform + Burberry coat and stepping on 10cm high heels, you can still wear a pair of solid finger knit gloves, there will be no sense of conflict, at most the gentle texture of knitted gloves will weaken your aura .

Knitted gloves also have a disadvantage, that is, knitting is easy, especially gloves, which are always touched and rubbed, knitting is particularly easy to wear, which is not as good as leather gloves.

[All-fingered gloves] Keywords: age reduction, selling cute

Little pot friends like to wear full-finger gloves, because young pot friends who are too young, it is a brain-wrenching thing to put five fingers into the sub-finger gloves one by one. The child was ready. And Xiaopenyou doesn't need to do anything, and won't find all-finger gloves inconvenient. Therefore, the girl who likes all-fingered gloves often has a childlike innocence. The all-fingered gloves feel cute and age-reducing.

[Fingerless Long Arm Sleeve] Keyword: layering, laziness

Many fingerless long arm sleeves will be forgotten, but they are very practical! Not only can it extend the sleeves of the shirt, but it can also add a sense of layering. Many clothes are designed with seven-quarter sleeves and eight-quarter sleeves. What should I do if my exposed arms are cold? Wear a fingerless long armband. The folds that are naturally piled up by the fingerless long arm sleeve can add a sense of detail and make the overall look richer. And fingerless long arm sleeves are basically knitted, so just like knitted gloves, they don't pick style and are very versatile!