Cold Winter, Let Knitted Gloves Bring You Warmth

- Feb 24, 2020-

The cold winter has beckoned to us. I heard that due to global warming, the four seasons of the year gradually become less obvious. The spring and autumn between summer and winter are getting shorter and shorter, at least this year. Feeling, summer and winter will be severely differentiated in two seasons. Summer is hotter than ever and winter is colder than ever.

In winter, we have down jackets to keep warm. Our feet have cotton boots to keep warm. What about our hands? Of course, we need fleece gloves to keep warm. Knitted gloves are ideal for keeping warm, and we can also knit at home, which can be worn by all the children.

Knitted gloves vary a lot, each one is unique and each one is an orphan. In the creation of the work, you can also add elements you like, such as hooking a small flower on the back of your hand. Or one or two fruits are decorated on the wrist, or beaded elements are combined with knitted gloves. The final work is gorgeous and very practical. Of course, you must be careful about cleaning.

There are also many types of knitted gloves, finger-pointing, fingerless-pointing, hat-wearing, half-length, long-length, short-length, single-layer, double-layer, quilted, etc., only you can't think of it, no Knitted gloves can't be made. Last year we knitted a twisted hat and scarf set for her daughter, which is the big red she likes. She has always put it down. This year's gloves have to be arranged ...

If you want to see more video tutorials, you can personally trust me. Tutorials with new glove knitting will also be given priority. I hope that before the first snow arrives, you can accomplish what you think.