Classification Of Cloak

- Jan 07, 2019-

According to the parts of the human body, it can be divided into three categories:

1. Long "cloak" (cloak), draped below the waist, and the "cloak" is commonly known as the big cloak.

2. Short "cloak", draped over the waist. Women's draped over the shoulders, called a small "cloak", or shawl.

3. Hooded "cloak", integrated with the cap, and hooded small "cloak", hooded cloak and so on.

According to the use can be divided into:

1. "Cloak" used in daily life. It is famous for its "cloak" (small "cloak"); other baby cloaks and hooded "cloak" raincoats (ponchos).

2. The "cloak" used by religious people, there are Christian sacrifices and their crosses.

3. The stage uses a "cloak", and the magician uses a knee-shaped "cloak" (a round piece leaves the neckline in the middle).

4. Ceremonial "cloak", there is a drama "cloak", the British head of state crowned the cloak, the University of Cambridge doctoral cloak and so on. In addition, there is a long "cloak" worn by the cavalry, a nurse's "cloak" (cut with dark blue wool, a seven-point long "cloak" with a red lining), and a two-color "cloak" worn by the bullfighter (Corpor ), swimming on the beach for the "cloak", as well as the Chinese Yi people's "Jie Erwa", Naxi's "seven-star sheepskin shawl" and so on.

But in fact, these "cloaks" that modern and foreign countries have said are "cloaks", not the cloaks displayed in ancient Chinese literature, ancient paintings, and cultural relics.