Cashmere Shawl Cleaning

- Jan 19, 2019-

1. Put the cashmere shawl in a warm water basin. You can't have a cashmere shawl.

2. Pour a little (normal amount of our shampoo) our daily shampoo.

3. Pry the shampoo and gently press on the cashmere scarf for a few times.

4. Wash off the shampoo on the cashmere scarf with water. Wrap it in a towel and put it in the washing machine.

5. Take out the paving, it is best to lay it on the bed, because at this time the cashmere shawl is almost dry.

Remember three things:

First, do not wring out

Second, remember not to hang

Third, jacquard or multi-color cashmere shawls should not be soaked, different colors of cashmere shawls should not be washed together to avoid dyeing.