You have to understand the surging charm of the leopard coat

- Jun 07, 2020-

It is believed that there are also many beautiful women who love leopard-style clothing. It can not only highlight its unique personality, but also combine the high fashion style formed by the fusion of animals and natural scenes.


The charm of the leopard coat is in its attractiveness and the aura it brings to people, especially for cool girls who are keen on animal vision artificial leather, either on the way to wear a leopard leather coat, or to collect it On the road.


Most fashion icons are also very popular with this leopard coat, because it is based on overweight Venetian upholstery fabrics, woven in one of the oldest factories in Italy, including re-processing into chenille jacquard Made of fabric. The reason why Beckham is very fond of this leopard coat is really because of the heavy and impact of its sturdy fabric, which brought the iconic elements of the 1960s into modern times.


At present, there are many people who are fascinated by Shrimps' Papa Puss coat, and the leopard coat with removable lemon faux fur collar and H&M's collarless round neck style, which will also become bright turtleneck and bottomed flared jeans The collocation was unveiled for the main look. If you only like printed style coats and MMs that are not interested in textured style leopard prints, you can go to Boden's Imelda coat to find out, where you will always find your favorite style coat.


In particular, after several garments rich in artificial snakeskin, zebra pattern and teddy bear texture became popular, AW18 marked the leopard coat also swept along with it. This is Victoria Beckham's last show at New York Fashion Week before returning to the UK. Simply matching a high-necked black top, suitable for work pants and inky black shoes is a long-lasting and iconic mix, novel and modern.


This long-lasting leopard coat has stood out in the history of culture and has maintained its relevance to some extent. It's like seeing in Mrs Robinson of Anne Bancroft in the 1967 movie "Graduate". With her wonderful hairstyle and black hair band, the whole gives a sense of substitution to the times. There is also Barbra Streisand's look in the 68's Funny Girl black trim coat. These collocations are constantly reviewing the nostalgic return trend of the 1960s. In the 1990s, Kate Moss used the double charm of spread out blond hair bundles and black skinny jeans, paired with black high-heeled shoes, to show the unique charm of leopard coats many times.


In the big show of the fashion month of the leopard coat, it is a fashion show that reflects the return of its victory. Julia Restoin Roitfeld wore a leopard print jacket of the newly established artificial fur brand House of Fluff at a London Fashion Week, and Caroline Issa wore a longer monochrome leopard coat in New York. Anna Dello Russo is paired with her clothes, which can also be seen from the Japanese editor of Vogue magazine. This is a low-key clothing pair, including leather socks boots and Milan's opaque tights.


One of Tom Ford's photographs shows a striking style of leopard coat, which is made of fuchsia, orange and Byzantine blues stitching fugu's artificial fur leopard print. Leopard spots of various sizes are mixed on the coat with shoulders, the atmosphere is elegant and even cool. The neon red design with exaggerated sleeves and a leather collar consolidates the colors of the bright era style, and instantly makes people feel back to the 1980s. Max Mara also provided a large number of printed designs. The smoky-eyed Gigi Hadid wore a leopard print from head to toe. The confident style made people instantly interested in this leopard coat.


Times are changing, but the popularity of leopard-print coats will not change, and even gradually become a trend in the fashion industry. No matter which cut, color or fabric is chosen, the texture and weight of the leopard coat will look high-level, because its style determines this expensive qualitative. Paul Surridge is the British designer of Roberto Cavalli. The leopard-print coats he showed in Milan are the tailored motorcycle jackets and silver tones that appeared on women, as well as men's knee skim eggplant coats. These styles All make people visually form an exotic style, luxurious but not tacky.


Although there is still a long time to go before wearing a fur coat in winter, because it is a popular "treasure" this year, I can't wait to share the trend with you MM. Although the vinyl windbreaker, teddy coat and ubiquitous puffer jackets all ended in the fall and winter last year, the editor is still very sure that the leopard coat is definitely a "pet" in the fashion industry, no matter how long A fashion item that will not be outdated. In fact, the "storage" of the leopard coat in advance will be a "rocker" for you MM to the fashion world.


The prevailing trend of leopard coats can't be underestimated. Favorite MMs can be collected first.