The history of the development of berets How to match the face with different berets

- Jun 09, 2019-

First, the development of berets

"Beret" is one of the international standard costumes commonly used in combat and training of officers and soldiers in various countries. Because some of the world-famous special forces have long worn fixed-color berets, they form a symbol.

Its name is transliterated from English Beret. The history of the beret dates back to the 15th century, when shepherds in southwestern France once liked to wear a round, non-slip hood made of brown wool. This kind of hat can be worn on the head to shelter from the wind and rain. When you take it off, you can wipe the sweat and put it on the floor as a cushion. Later, the Basques at the junction of France and Spain began to wear such hats and were called "Basque Berets."

The earliest army wearing berets in history was the British army. As early as during the First World War, the British expeditionary forces sent to the European continent, some officers and men wearing berets. But the beret really shines, but it was during the Second World War. At that time, in order to carry out military infiltration and destruction to the European continent occupied by the fascists, the United Kingdom began to set up special operations forces. The first paratroopers were established in 1940. In 1942, the British formed the Airborne Special Service and the Royal Marine Corps special boat unit. Their costumes are the most awake signs with berets, and the difference in the color of the berets has become the distinguishing mark of these forces.

Second, how to wear a beret

1, big face girls

Large-faced girls are suitable for the larger one's beret to increase the size of the head. The contrast between the big one's beret and the face is like a blind eye.

The big-faced girl wears a beret in a 25° wear method, which is slightly tilted by 25 to 35 degrees. Wearing a larger beret can highlight the small face.

In addition to woolen fabrics, berets are also very distinctive. The lambskin and the beret match, with a touch of retro feel and a touch of modernity. This lambskin beret is a large version that is perfect for big-faced girls.

2, long face girls

Girls with long faces are more likely to give a mature feeling, and should choose a beret that visually reduces the length of the face. It should be noted that the cap of the beret should not be too high, and 1~2cm is the most suitable.

The best way to wear a long-faced girl is to bring the beret down, and half of the forehead is the best way to wear it.

3, round face girls

The face of a round-faced girl is short and the forehead is not high enough. It is recommended to choose a beret style that has a 1~2cm hat to expand outward.

When the round-faced girl wears, pay attention to the hat and put it back so that the forehead is completely exposed. For the choice of color, the round face girl is more suitable for the dark beret, which has the effect of lengthening the face curve.