Scarf collocation method

- May 10, 2020-

A balanced knot

Scarf type: cotton or woolen, with a kind of whiskers is more wintery. Matching clothing: suitable for wearing in a relatively thick coat. One can reduce the heavy feeling brought by the coat and maintain relative balance; second, it can add beauty. Therefore, it is called a balance knot! Boys are also very suitable.

Suitable environment: Of course it is also outdoor.

Color: Girls should choose bright and bright jumping, pink, orange, grass green, you can do it for young ones; boys can choose some stable colors, dark blue, yellow, in addition, checkered It is also a good choice. How to play:

1. Wrap the scarf around your neck and make a knot in front and back;

2. Wrap the scarf in front from the back of the neck;

3. Pass the scarf around from the back through the gap at the neck;

4. Sort out, keep the balance on both sides, just the same length.

Balance knot

Balance knot

Two light knot

Scarf type: cotton woolen scarf or woolen texture.

Matching clothing: sweaters, high-necked sweaters can be equipped with a single-color scarf, simple, and it is more appropriate to wear a jacket; if directly matched with a sweater jacket or a low-neck sweater, you can choose two colors of scarf and mix together. But the premise is that the color of the sweater itself is dull, otherwise, it becomes a Christmas tree myself.

Suitable environment: anywhere outside.

Color: In fact, the play style is almost unchanged, the only ever-changing one is the scarf that is constantly updated with clothing, the world of color is really wonderful.

How to play:

1. Wrap the scarf around your neck;

2. Cross the back of the neck, and then intersect each other in the front.

The biggest advantage: Because it belongs to the most basic style of thick scarves, it is particularly easy to learn. Moreover, for those "lazy bones", save time and effort!

Three elegant knots

Scarf type: silk scarf, square type.

Mulberry silk scarf, light and warm

Mulberry silk scarf, light and warm

Matching clothing: If the scarf itself has a pattern and a monochrome shirt; if the scarf itself is a solid color, then it can be matched with a patterned shirt.

Suitable environment: office.

Color: Purple scarves are more elegant and dignified when paired with light-colored tops; and if they are paired with aqua blue, which is also a bright color, the effect of color contrast is also very eye-catching, but it is easy to make mistakes and cause collocation failure. Play style:

1. Fold the two diagonal corners of the scarf, and then roll up along the longer part. The degree of the roll depends on your taste. It is recommended to leave a larger area below;

2. Bend the prongs on both sides downward;

3. Enclose the large area left in front of your chest, and tie the two scarves behind with a knot. Note that you need to leave a little pointed head, and it will look better when hanging behind;

4. Adjust the folds of the scarf on the chest.

Four cute knots

Scarf type: silk scarf, small square scarf.

Matching clothing: sweaters, pullovers are also available, cardigans are also acceptable. In short, compared to heavier sweaters, thin and moderate sweaters are more suitable for matching smaller scarves, soft tops and flowing scarves, let your full femininity bloom.

Suitable environment: not only suitable for elegant office environment, but also fully cater to outdoor sports style.

Color: Still the same, change according to dress. Darker clothing is suitable for matching with light color or dark background. Bright scarfs lined with scarves, as long as the colors of the scarf and the overall clothing look harmonious (generally no more than three colors), you can take it with you.

How to play:

1. Fold the scarf in two diagonally and then roll it into a strip;

2. Fold the two ends in half, wrap around the neck, and wrap the two heads together from the bent place;

3. Turn one of the two heads upside down and in from the top.

4. Arrange the shapes until you are satisfied.