Scarf balance knot shaping temperament

- Dec 01, 2018-

Type of scarf: cotton or wooly, with a bit of whisker that has a more wintery feel. Matching clothing: suitable for wearing in a thick, thick coat. One can reduce the heavy feeling brought by the jacket, and maintain a relatively balanced; second, it can also add beauty. Therefore, it is called balance knot! Boys are also very suitable.

Suitable environment: Of course it is also outdoor.

Color: Girls choose brightly to jump a little, pink, orange, grass green, can, young you have nothing to do; boys can choose some stable colors, dark blue, earthy yellow, in addition, checkered pattern It is also a good choice.

Playing style:

1. Wrap the scarf around your neck and tie it back and forth;

2. Wrap the front scarf around the back of the neck;

3. Pass the scarf that wraps from behind through the gap in the neck;

4. Organize it, keep the balance on both sides, and the length is the same.