Matching of hats

- Jan 30, 2019-

Sometimes I buy a beautiful hat, but I don't know how to match it? So how can we match the trend of fashion hats?

Practice: The color of the brim needs to match your skin tone

If you fall in love with a hat with a rounded brim, remember that the color of the brim needs to match your skin tone. DRY's new trend of wool felt hat is very suitable, very natural brown, and her skin color, hair color, and clothing color are very harmonious, thus not capturing the focus of the face, turned into a Very nice accessory.

Practice: Wear a patterned hat

The role of the hat is to make the whole suit more complete, and for a set of chaotic dresses it is absolutely countless, a strange hat will only deepen the strange feeling of a strange dress.

Leather cap with leather? To know that good things are not necessarily a suitable dress, if you choose a knit cap or a cute newsboy hat, it will look better with this leather.

A chunky chunky knit cap can completely envelop your hair in its belly. What you need to do is to bang the bangs or some hair that is shattered on the side of the face, naturally, and put the hat as far as possible. Don't over-press the bangs after wearing it.