How to wear a knitted hat to look good? Learn these 6 styles, you can also easily concave shape

- May 17, 2020-

Speaking of knitted hats, my first impression is full of childishness and cold protection! In the cold winter, if you want to keep your body warm, in addition to keeping your body warm, you must not miss your head to keep warm!


A practical cold-proof and fashionable knitted hat, with the effect of drawing a dragon, makes you look unique in the cold winter. But how to wear a knitted hat to look good? Learn to match these 6 models, and you can also easily sculpt.

Match one:


How to wear a knitted hat to look good? Let's learn the first knitted hat collocation, black woolen coat with black pants, step on black short boots, fashionable and warm. Wearing a warm and upright black knitted hat, the wearing method of the upright knitted hat will make the contour of the face more three-dimensional and stylish, the curly hair is more feminine, and you can easily concave shape. With a black scarf, it complements the black knitted hat. On the whole, it has a handsome European and American style.

Match two:


The dark blue knitted hat stands upright, forming a "triangular cone", which looks more spiritual. A long coat with a stitching color, a striped thin sweater inside, jeans on the lower body, and a knit hat in royal blue with a small cuff design. The curling design of the jeans cuffs adds a touch of fashion.

Match three:

5 (1)

In this cold winter, rich colors will drive away the winter haze, making people no longer feel depressed and dull, then you need a stylish and warm knitted hat! But the point is: be bright! In the leopard coat, a red and white bottoming shirt is worn, and the lower body is worn with holes in jeans. The black heels are stepped on the feet, which has a wild taste. A pink knit hat is a great eye-catcher, and it matches the color of the red and white bottoming shirt. Are you excited?

Match four:

5 (2)

How to wear a knitted hat to look good? When you walked down the street wearing a lemon-yellow knitted hat, the rate of looking back was two hundred percent, and there were countless eye-catchers. The lilac blouse is paired with a light gray pleated skirt and dressed in a brown-black scarf, which is warm and fashionable. The lemon-yellow knitted hat makes the whole person look elegant and noble, and a small white shoulder bag adds a lot.

Match five:

7 (1)

The characteristic of knitted hat is full of childishness and warmth, and it is lovely. How to wear a knitted hat to look good? The black leather coat with black thin stockings has an indescribable appeal, has a woman's little sexy, and can also be easily concaved. The black leather coat has a white fluff design on the edge of the neckline, which is similar to the purple knitted hat with a hair ball, cute and fashionable. Putting a pair of black boots on the feet, the whole person looks tall and confident.

Match six:

7 (2)

Unknowingly arrived at the sixth knit hat show show ~ a white army jacket with a wave of bottoms in a green army trench coat, and a starry jeans on the lower body, very cool. Wearing a black double-hair knitted hat on his head, similar to the shape of Mickey Mouse, small and cute.

How to wear a knitted hat to look good? Learn to match these 6 models, and you can also easily sculpt.