How to decorate your head with a woolen cap this winter

- Jun 27, 2020-

Choose by face

No matter what hat you wear, the girl wants to show a small face. The face is small and self-portrait and has a fan. How to choose a warm hat to look small?

(1) How to pick a round face?


For a round face, the width of the face is large, it is best not to choose a knitted hat with a reversed style, it is easy to enlarge the width of the cheekbones of the face, so that your face looks wide and large, with a "washbasin "same.


It is recommended to choose a single-layer knitted hat with elastic fit to the head shape, and the dark-colored knitted hat has a small face effect to a certain extent. When wearing a knitted hat with a round face, it is recommended to pull up, not too much Close to your forehead, it is easy to highlight facial defects.


The ratio of the length and width of the round face is close to 1:1. The line is too round, the solution is to lengthen the face line and increase the angle of the face. It is recommended that the raised high crown knitted hat is the most suitable, which can expose 2/3 of the forehead. , Not only elongated his face, but also elongated his height.


Comparing the silly face Na and Emma in the picture above, you will find that Emma's face looks better, and the silly face Na looks look bulging. People with round faces should avoid the bell-shaped knitted hat with a rounded crown, which will make the face more rounded. .

(2) How to pick a long face?


The long face is suitable for knitted hats with reversed styles. You can try contrasting colors or stripes. It can make everyone focus on the hat and ignore the length of the face. In addition, it is best to choose a wool hat that fits your face shape. Effectively shorten the length of the face.


If you have a long face, you must not choose a wool cap with a small ball on the top. After wearing this kind of knitted hat, it is easy to lengthen your face invisibly. Wearing a knitted hat with a folded back and no ball on the top can widen the face. , To modify the defects of the face too long.


If the face is long, choose to wear a hat that fits the face. It is best not to pull it up like a round face when wearing a hat. It is easy to make the face look longer. The visual sense is pulled back. The end of the hat should be pulled down, showing a slight hanging In the back of the head.


There is also a cute option, which is the ear covering type. The knitted hats with decorations on both sides are also very suitable for girls with long faces. The wearing method of covering ears is very common. Bring a yarn ball or a braid, which not only modifies the face, but also Reduce age easily.

(3) How to pick the square face?


The characteristics of the square face, the width of the cheeks is wider, the lower jaw is square, and the sense of corners is strong. It is recommended to choose a knitted hat with a round dome and a round brim to smooth the face shape, which can weaken the square face shape.


Knitted hat is more suitable for square face, because the knitted hat is soft and has no stiff version, it can soften the curve of its own face, extend the knitted hat to the edges of the ears, can appropriately lengthen the face, and manufacture Goose egg face effect.