Cool look with scarf

- Dec 13, 2018-

A thin, fluffy scarf is used to match the suit, which gives you a refreshing feel. This thin scarf must pay attention to the best effect of material, silk or hemp.

Scarf + sleeveless strapless halter

The scarf inadvertently wraps around the neck, and the tail of the towel hangs behind it, which not only adds warmth to the shoulder, but also adds a touch of sensuality and femininity.

Scarf + V neck

The multi-wrap scarf is only tasseled down gently, cute and hundred percent, plus the charm of the V-neck is a wonderful combination. The V-neck blouse is sexy and compelling. It is matched with a double-entangled scarf, which not only can make up for the cold feeling of the hollow space in the neck, but also adds a bit of naughty cuteness.

Scarf + sleeveless vest

The combination of low-cut sleeveless vest and shawl-style scarf is sexy but elegant. A sleeveless vest filled with a refreshing summer feel and a warm scarf.