Youth's Winter Thermal Ski Gloves

Our ski gloves will be the only glove you need for a whole season at the ski resort,suitable for all snowsports.

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Youth's Winter Thermal Ski Gloves 

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Polyester Taslon


TR fleece,3M Thinsulate C100,TPU waterproof baggie




As  picture or customized




Shanghai and Ningbo


flexible and negotiable


Feedback from the consumers of trial order:

1.These youth's winter thermal ski gloves arrived on time as promised. They are very soft inside. These are a good value at a great price, and are even on sale through the holidays. They have a well made zipper pouch on the top cuff of EACH glove to store a key, some money, etc and that is a very nice feature I have not seen in other gloves. I have tried several other brand gloves and none so far have come close to the workmanship and comfort as this glove. They are stitched very well and should hold up well.

I did do the water test under the faucet and the waterproofing feature seems to work well as water just beads up and runs off of them.

I really like the gauntlet cuff and the strap. The wrist strap is superb on these gloves and works very easily with no snagging.

As far as warmth, these are rated with very warm insulation. Although I do not ski, I opted for this glove because of the insulation factor, as I have Raynaud's Syndrome. I imaging if someone were skiing, this glove would be ideal to keep them warm, given their better circulation and also being waterproof.

This seller does make a battery heated glove and because I have Raynaud's, I am going to try these. I am hoping they will be as well made as these are. These are not quite warm enough for my fingertips for me in 20 degree weather, not due to a deficiency in the gloves by any means, but rather a health condition of my own. If I were a skiier, I would definitely give these gloves a try for sure. I think most people would be most pleased with them.

2.I bought these for a snowboarding outing with my nephew this last christmas (I'm only 23, guys, settle down. lol) and only heavily used them that one day. I did not test the touch screen functionality and I also cannot speak to the waterproofing since I treated these with camp-dry spray prior to using them. However, they did perform quite well and kept my hands warm all day in -5 to 15 degree ambient temperatures (with about a 20 wind chill as well.)

In my opinion they performed wonderfully and even better than I hoped for, considering the price. Probably not a long term pair of youth's windproof ski gloves, but for $23, you can afford to replace them every so often if need be.

3.Okay, first -- "touch screen" as part of the review? Have you ever tried interacting with a touch screen using thick (but warm)? I always took mine off to use my phone. It'd be silly to rate this as awesome for touch screens.

On the plus side, they worked perfectly for my trip to Iceland. They were warm, and I assume waterproof (I didn't stick my hands in water to test them). I might update the review regarding how waterproof it is if I feel inclined to put my hands in a tub of water and they remain dry. The little cinch tightened up the wrist part nicely.

For the price, if you want warm gloves that fit snugly, these work well. I'd buy them again. Please note though that they are thick, so if you plan on fine manipulation of tiny object while wearing them you will be sad at the result. :D I'm giving it five stars because it worked perfectly for what I intended to use them for, and I'll wear them again on my next trip into the snow.

4.When I receive these youth's winter thermal ski gloves, I was very happy. You get a heavy duty bag to put your gloves in when you aren't using them. Keep them together for your next trip. The material of the glove is soft and very durable, the stitching is professional no string hanging off of it. The pocket in both glove are 3 1/2 deep and 4 1/2 wide. The zipper is water proof so everything stays dry in it. Your fingers are padded all around in the glove. You're palm to your fingers have a different material, it's highly water proof like rubber texture. So when you grab things it won't come out of your hands. When you put your hands in the glove, pull on the straps on your wrist then pull the strap on your forearm it keep the cool air from getting to your hands. The gloves look very professional. Great for Skiing, playing in the snow or anything you need them for. The gloves are the same for women and men. I bought them also for my husband.

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