Washable Valve Face Bandanas

Washable Valve Face Bandanas:4pcs tablets carbon filters will come with every cotton mouth product.For a variety of locations, such as commuting, schooling, cleaning, gardening, hiking and outdoor activities.

Product Details

Washable Valve Face Bandanas

Washable Valve Face Bandanas


Product Description



Washable Valve Face Bandanas


Cotton,Viscose,Polyester etc

Model No.


Touch feel



One size fits all


16 colorways


Male and Female


all the year round

Age Group

Mens and  Womens,Youths


SGS,ITS,BV,Reach,Aitex   etc

Trade   Terms



As requested


1200pcs or Negotiable


Shanghai  or  Ningbo,Shenzhen,Qingdao


Product Features:

1.3D Stereo design widen the coverage of face,combined with 360 air valve,

    Can breath more smoothly than other patterns.

    2.Adapt new techniques with high grade fabric so that they can be repeatedly washed

    3.No pilling and not out of shape

    4..Breatherable,windproof and skin-friendly

    5.Suitable for Spring,Summer,Fall,Winter

    6.Repeated use makes it economical


Washable Valve Face Bandanas will protect you from outdoor,cold,ash,pollen,fog ,haze,vehicle exhaust,passive smoking and so on.Summer is not a pollen season, but pollen still exists in the air.And when you go out, there are a lot of dirty things in the air that you can't see.People with severe hay fever will feel more comfortable when they go out with mask.


16 Colorways

How to use

1.    Wash your hands,distinguish inside &outside of the protective mask,then up and down

2.    Expand mask,put the elastic earloop on your ears

3.    Press nose clip gently to ensure the edge of mask sealed so as to protect people from inhaling droplets,bacteria,dust,haze etc

4.    Pull the hem of bottom of mask to the lower jaw till it closely fit


Comments from the trial order:

1.    These Cotton Bandana Face Masks are great. In response to a previous review someone else posted. The point of wearing a mask and how it prevents the spread of disease is if everyone wears a mask. If only one person in a group is wearing a mask it does not work. I live in San Diego were the majority of the population is wearing masks, masks like these, and our number of people sick are low and have flattened out. These cotton seamless masks come with filters that also work as a barrier. They reccomend changing the filter every two weeks if you wear it often meaning you don't work from home. I reccomend these. I also reccomend you wash them by hand and hang dry.

2.    That is why I'm not a "verified buyer" of this specific pack. These are great. At no time is the inside of the balaclava ski mask "open" to the outside air. The valve does not cause you to 'contaminate' your surroundings any more than any other mask. There is both fabric and filter between the inside of the mask and outside of the mask, even when the valve is opened. Guess wearing a veil is the best option to stop getting "mask shamed"

3.    These cotton bandana masks are NOT designed, nor intended, to protect the wearer from getting infected! They are designed to keep the wearer from INFECTING OTHERS!
Effectiveness of THIS STYLE MASK comes from EVERYBODY wearing one! (My mask is protecting you, your mask is protecting me!)
If you want a mask (and protective apparel) to protect yourself, get your wallet out. You'll need it.

4.    Wanted a cotton mouth mask with port for breathing. So far these work well and for the price you can't beat it. EVERYONE has raised their prices on face mask and these were very reasonable for the price.

5.    Yes, these cotton seamless masks are from China. They are not designed as medical protection from COVID19.. it's not the intention. You want medical protection--get a KN95 or N95 mask and move on with your silly complaint that these aren't medical grade protection. These are cloth masks that come with a breathing valve and pocket for a pm2.5 filter, which is primarily used for air pollution. You can change out the filters as needed. These masks offer better protection than bandana face mask or other multi-layer cloth masks simply because they have the additional filter. I ordered these on 5/12/2020, and it entered the U.S. in record time on 5/21/2020. The promised delivery date was 5/23/2020. Given the required 14 days quarantine time at customs, these were finally delivered today. I've ordered from DHGate and Aliexpress back in March, and both orders are stuck at warehouses pending transport right now. So give it time for delivery. If you see that the seller made attempts to send out the mask timely, don't demand a refund. There are other factors that's delaying your delivery that is beyond their control, i.e. U.S. Customs. Just understand that there are less air/ground transport available and more strict quarantine regulations to protect people from COVID19. I hope you found my review helpful. Just be patient, you'll get your mask and it's worth it.

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