It is know to all that there are rules restricting the marketing and use of dangerous substances and preparations(namely azo dye colorants)which might come into prolonged contact with the skin or oral cavity.It is illegal to place on the market any products that do not comply with these regulations.


It is the reponsiblility of vendors to ensure that the product that they are manufacturing complies with these rules and we recommend that you obtain evidence of compliance.This should be either in the form of a certificate from an accredited test house,which has applied the test criteria required or other evidence of supply compliance.


We confirm our agreement to the requirements set out above and certify that we do not use dyestuffs containing any of the 24 banned cleavable Arylamines(AZO’s)as specified in EU REACH No.1907/2006 Annex XVII and China’s GB 18401 and GB20400-2006 in the manufacture of goods for al the vendees