Womens Winter Hat Scarf And Gloves Set

Womens Winter Hat Scarf and Gloves Set is made of antipill fleece and faux fur,both of two fabrics have the same features:soft,warm,windproof.The faux fur is embossing,believe basic styles will enjoy fast this winter.Actually the style are suitable for kids,youths and women,it mainly depends on what colors.
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Product Details

Product Details:

Womens Winter Hat Scarf and Gloves Set

Style No.:FSET416


Size:One fits most

MOQ:1000 Sets


Antipill fleece has stealthily started to lead the way of wearing and matching,maybe you only need a set of antipill fleece winter hat scarf and gloves set for womens,mens,boys and girls,youths etc,which can help you through the cold winter,even unlock more wearing and matching way in the following winter.




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